Best App For Amazon Firestick

//Best App For Amazon Firestick

Best App For Amazon Firestick

SET TV is the best App For Amazon Firestick

SET exemplifies the epitome of an excellent service to load on your Amazon Firestick. Considering Amazon sometimes limits users to what kind of apps that you can put on the firestick, our APK makes it a clear choice over any other IPTV provider.

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Why is SET TV is the best app for Amazon Firestick?

Well lets start by saying that our service offers more than any other app that you can get from Amazon store. Most of the apps available only offer certain selection of movies and will not give you movies still in theatres or premium channels like we offer.

Here are some of the reasons we are the best:

  • Customer Service like none other with a live call center and live chat for anytime support
  • Premium Channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, Encore and Many more
  • Sports Packages including all the games from National Basketball Association, National Football Association, National Hockey League & Major League Baseball
  • Pay Per View Events including the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Other Boxing
  • The ability to load the app on 3 different firesticks
  • Fastest zap times for the quickest navigation and selection through channels when watching television
  • Transcoders and equipment that makes for high enhancing streaming quality for best picture and frames per second
  • Full High Definition at no extra Cost coming in at around 1080p

What Makes SET TV Amazon Firestick App Different

There is no other app available on that device that will give you anything close to what SETV brings. The functionality is extremely easy it doesn’t matter how old you are, you will be able to download the app within minutes and start watching your favorite channels and shows. It has proven over and over again that there is no other app that can compare to it’s ease of use and the familiarity of almost a cable look alike. By structuring the app to be almost like cable, it will tend to be hard to fathom that sometimes you are streaming over the internet and not coming from a cable ran through your house. We are constantly improving our apps to always adapt and improve functions so that customers will fall in love with the program again and again. The last functionality we implemented was the favorites and most watched sections. A lot of customers were have problem scrolling through our channel list (considering we have around 500 Channels to choose from) Sometimes it became time consuming to navigate through the whole list when a customer might only watch around 10 channels all together. This most watched list will help you only see what you usually watch and will save you time.

“Remember that time is money

– Ben Franklin –

SET TV Amazon Firestick App IPTV


Things To Look Out For When Searching For Amazon Firestick Apps

  1. Reliability – Reliability is first when it comes to quality IPTV. If you are going to cut your cable then you need to have a reliable service to substitute it for.
  2. Stability – Stability runs hand in hand with reliability. The App must be stable enough when updates are pushed through and things are changed. The website must always be on top when searching for IPTV apps for your device.
  3. Content – When it comes to IPTV or other apps that provide movies and shows for entertainment, content plays a big factor in deciding what app to chose. Do they carry the channels that you watch? How about the tv shows and movies that you like to watch. Most people don’t mind paying for content if it is something they feel like is worth it. That is why a lot of people are extremely unhappy with cable because they are paying more but not receiving anything more that they like watching.
  4. Cost – The pricing of the app will tell you everything. When they say “nothing in life is free”, there is a reason for this expression. If the app is reliable and stable with great content then why would they be giving out the service for free. People need to make money to survive and there aren’t many people in mankind that are going to do things for free out of their heart especially if it’s costing them money to provide the service.


Other Great Amazon Firestick Apps

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