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-SET TV Downloads-

Android box, Amazon Firestick, PC/MAC

Android Device & Amazon Firestick APK Download

SET TV Android IPTV Download Premium IPTV Android Downloads APK Mobile Android TV Box Android Phone Amazon Firestick SETV android app


Mobile Android Device – SET TV Download

SET TV Android Mobile Device Downloads Best USA IPTV Provider SET TV now mobile APK download


Windows SET TV Download

Windows Download SET TV SETVNOW Windows PC Downloads for Premium IPTV Service - Over 500 Channels for only $20 a month

32 Bit


64 Bit


Mac – Set TV Download

Mac Apple Downloads for SET TV IPTV Provider SETVNOW.NET computer mac download full hd best quality IPTV


Watch SET TV on up to 3 devices per household on the same IP address (unless used on a mobile 4g network) SETV is the best Paid IPTV provider of 2018 Leading all other services with most subscribers and best quality IPTV streams. Please make sure you have the correct version of the app downloaded on each devices as this can affect your IPTV watching experience. The SETV android Apk app shows the version up on the top left corner. SET TV can be loaded on almost any device excluding the Roku and IOS devices like the IPhone and IPad. SET TV is IP restricted because we don’t allow the sharing of accounts. Users must abide by these rules or will ultimately be  banned from the service if rules are broken several times.

How to download on Amazon Firestick – downloads

First Go Settings>Device>Developer Options and Make sure that both Adb bugging & Unknown Sources are clicked on. Then go to the Amazon Store and download the App called ” Downloader”. Once you have the app downloaded put this link in the source slot and will it start downloading. If you want to place android apk SET TV app on your home page just hold down the home button on your Firestick remote and check on the SETV app. The Firestick is a simple but efficient device to use for the app but sometimes certain buttons won’t particularly  work with the app. There has been a problem with customers entering the adult pin correctly on the amazon fire. If you are having problems entering adult pin on the firestick try this:

Enter the 1st number in the box then press the mic button to back out , then moved over to the second box entered the second number then press the mic button then back arrow, then repeat the steps – here is also a video –

The Amazon Firestick is not specifically meant for the SET TV App but it still is an efficient device to use the APK on especially for the price of it.

Please watch the video below – how to install SET TV on an amazon firestick

How to download on Android TV Box/ Phone – downloads

Go to the app that gives you access to the intertnet browser (usually either Browser or Google) Once you’re on the internet place this site address in the URL slot      Then click on the button for android apk download and it will start downloading to your box. Now you will have to go to Apk Installer on your device and browse the C:// drive until you find the download for SET TV and click on it then push install. On your Android Box there should be a plus sign on the homepage where you can click and add the SET TV app to favorites.

Watch the video below

Every different kind of device has a little different interface than the other. The Android devices like the Firestick and Android TV Boxes utilize the APK which has easy user interface but certain functions will have to be programmed with your remote to that specific device to enter the guide or click on the quick channel selection areas. The MAG device and any STB that uses the setplex portal URL carry the original SET Top Box outlook. This interface is the original and the remote can function very well with everything you will be trying to do when interacting with the device. The original SETPLEX box has buttons on the remote that let the user flip between pages and open the guide right from the click of a button which makes it one of the most attractive device to our customers which makes them feel like they are still using cable. This box actually has sold out many times just from the high demand of the units. Once someone uses this device it’s hard to use any other device. The computer uses a generic App which is very efficient but still might not have the same features of the android APK or set top box. It’s not that one is better than the other but just the outlook they all look very professional and make it real easy on the customer to navigate and find what they want to watch. The apps are being updates as time goes on for better functionality and smoother operation.