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SET TV Channel List – Live Channels

Above is the SET TV Channel List – Channels are subject to change – SET TV is the Best IPTV Providing an amazing Channel Selection

SET TV – The best IPTV of 2018 – Channel List

SET TV channel list gives users access to all the channels SETV offers including VOD and PPV events as well

SETVNOW never guarantees the quality of any channel or that channel listing will not change over time due to different sources and providers.

The IPTV that SET TV offers is of the highest streaming picture quality and only offers the quality seen on each channel

Please see Speed Requirements for recommended internet speeds for running IPTV without interruptions and freezing.

All PPV events will be aired on the two PPV channels and won’t be broadcasted until the event starts. Nothing will be on those channels if there isn’t a PPV event on

With SET TV, users are able to watch any sports without region restrictions . IPTV service does run through the internet so Users must maintain requirements on their end.

Because of the fees associated with traditional cable being installed and maintained have been removed, Paid IPTV is able to offer more channels for less Price

Our Video on Demand section has over 5,000 Movies & Shows to choose from, always giving you an option to pick

SET TV comes with 3 device access per each account allowing customer to run different channels simultaneously on each device

IPTV has become the future of television for users to take advantage of this technology

SET TV has the best customer service of any other IPTV service on the market today. If any of the SETV Channels are giving you an issue, please contact to report the channel names. We will work on getting that channel back functional within minutes.

If a channel says “No Video Input”, this typically means that one of our sources for the video are having some type of issues (either weather or server), Please just report the channel

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